Ground Weapon System

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon is an individually portable, gas operated, magazine or disintegrating metallic link-belt fed, light machine gun. It is designed to be used on the front lines, providing crucial support at the infantry squad/fire team level by providing highly accurate fire plus the maneuverability to take the objective.

M60 7.62mm Machine Gun

The M60 machine gun is a gas-operated, belt-fed, air-cooled weapon which fires from an open bolt and in automatic mode only. It was once the primary squad support machine gun of the United States military, being fielded in the squad support and vehicle mounted roles. The vehicle mounts included naval patrol boats, naval vessels, helicopters, wheeled and tracked vehicles.

M240 Medium Machine Gun

The M240 family of medium machine guns has long been employed by all services of the U.S. Armed Forces. It comes in several variants and mounting configurations. These configurations include a coaxial version for armored combat vehicles, a pintle-mounted version for light tactical vehicles and rotary-wing aircraft, and bipod and tripod versions for dismounted infantry units.

M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun

The Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun is an automatic, belt-fed, recoil operated, air-cooled, crew-operated machine gun. The system is highly effective against light armored vehicles, low- and slow-flying aircraft, boats and enemy personnel. The M2 is crew transportable with limited amounts of ammunition over short distances. The gun is capable of being modified to fire in single-shot mode, as well as automatic fire. It may be mounted on ground mounts and vehicles as an anti-personnel and anti-aircraft weapon. By repositioning some of the component parts, ammunition may be fed from either the left or right side. A disintegrating metallic link belt is used to feed the ammunition into the weapon.

Mk19 40mm Machine Gun

The Mk19 Grenade Machine Gun is an air-cooled, disintegrating metallic link-belt fed, blowback operated, fully automatic weapon. It can fire a variety of 40mm grenades. It is crew transportable over short distances with limited amounts of ammunition. The weapon delivers a heavy volume of accurate and continuous firepower against enemy personnel and lightly armored vehicles, as well as hovering rotary-wing aircraft. It is also able to provide indirect fire into an engagement area from a hidden position.

Mk47 Grenade Machine Gun

The Mk47 Grenade Machine Gun, also known as the Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL) System is a reliable, portable 40mm grenade weapon system suited for mobile, tactical combat soldier units. It features quick detach barrel for ease of transport. The Mk47 fires standard NATO 40×53mm linked grenades from an advanced lightweight tripod or a universal vehicle mount. The compatible munitions also include programmable airburst ammunition.

M41 Improved Target Acquisition System

The Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS) is the successor of the M220 TOW missile launcher. It provides long-range sensor and anti-armor/precision assault fire capabilities, effectively detecting and engaging targets at long range with Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wireless-Guided (TOW) Missiles; or directing the employment of other weapon systems to destroy those targets. ITAS is a multipurpose weapon system, used as a reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition sensor. The ITAS launcher can be installed on ground vehicles (HMMWV) or on a tripod.

M68A1E4 105mm Cannon

The M68A1E4 is based on the L7 105mm cannon developed by Royal Ordnance. It features a muzzle break, which is used to assist with the recoil, along with an autoloader. It has the same gun tube as the original Abrams.

M121 120mm Mortar System

The M121 Mortar System is based on the Israeli Soltam K6 120mm mortar. It is the same weapon as the M120 Towed Heavy Field Mortar, the M121 designation indicates the vehicle mounted variant.

M242 Bushmaster 25mm Chain Gun

The M242 Bushmaster is an electrically powered, chain driven, 20mm automatic weapon. It can destroy lightly armored vehicles and aerial targets such as helicopters and slow-flying aircraft. It can also suppress enemy positions such as troops in the open, dug-in positions, and built-up areas.

M256 120mm Smoothbore Cannon

The M256 120mm gun is the primary armament on the U.S. M1A1 and M1A2 series of main battle tanks. The M256 is a high velocity, quick-firing, accurate, direct fire weapon used primarily against enemy tanks and hard targets. It is the U.S. version of the German Rheinmetall 120mm L44 smoothbore gun.

Mk44 Bushmaster II Automatic Cannon

The Mk44 Bushmaster II 30mm chain gun is the growth version of the M242 Bushmaster. It is capable of firing 30mm ammunition, including new programmable air burst munitions. It has a 60% logistics commonality with the original Bushmaster. The GAU-23/A is the airborne version of the cannon.

Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station

The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) is a stabilized mount that contains a sensor suite and fire control software, allowing on-the-move target acquisition and first-burst target engagement. Capable of target engagement under day and night conditions, the CROWS sensor suite includes a daytime video camera, thermal camera, and laser rangefinder. It also features programmable target reference points for multiple locations, programmable sector surveillance scanning, automatic target ballistic lead, automatic target tracking, and programmable no-fire zones.