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GAU-22/A Equalizer

The 25mm GAU-22/A is an externally powered Gatling gun installed in the F-35 Lightning II fighter. This four-barrel gun is a derivative of the 25mm GAU-12/U gun. It is over 40 pounds lighter and occupies 20 percent less volume than the comparably equipped 5-barrel counterpart. The gun is easily configured to mount in either the F-35A internal gun system installation or the F-35B/C missionized gun pods.


Manufacturer: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems


Bore diameter: 25 millimeters 0.98 inches
Weight: 104.33 kilograms 230 pounds
Caliber: 25×137 millimeter
Rate of fire: up to 3 300 shots per minute
Average recoil force: 16 500 Newtons 3 700 pounds
Muzzle velocity (TP, HEI ammunition): 1 085.9 meters per second 3 560 feet per second
Muzzle velocity (API ammunition): 1 036.32 meters per second 3 400 feet per second
Feed system: Linked or linkless
Drive system: Hydraulic, electric, pneumatic
Number of barrels: 4