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M197 20mm Gatling Cannon

The M197 utilized by the AH-1 aircraft is a lightweight short-barreled three-barrel Gatling type gun. It is based on the M61 Vulcan, as it was modified into a lighter three-barrel version by removing three of the barrels, shortening the barrels, and changing the ammunition feed mechanism. The light weight modified Vulcan was type classified as the M197 20mm automatic gun.


Manufacturer: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems


Bore diameter: 20 millimeters 0.79 inches
Weight: 59.87 kilograms 132 pounds
Caliber: 20×102 millimeter
Rate of fire: up to 1 500 shots per minute
Average recoil force: 5 800 Newtons 1 300 pounds
Feed system: linked or linkless
Drive system: hídraulic, electric, penumatic
Number of barrels: 3