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Mk44 Bushmaster II Automatic Cannon

The Mk44 Bushmaster II 30mm chain gun is the growth version of the M242 Bushmaster. It is capable of firing 30mm ammunition, including new programmable air burst munitions. It has a 60% logistics commonality with the original Bushmaster. The GAU-23/A is the airborne version of the cannon.


Designed and manufactured by: Orbital ATK


Overall length: 340.5 centimeters 134.5 inches
Receiver length: 65.5 centimeters 25.79 inches
Feeder length: 102.5 centimeters 40.35 inches
Barrel length: 172.5 centimeters 67.91 inches
Height: 39.2 centimeters 15.43 inches
Width: 34.3 centimeters 13.5 inches
Overall weight: 156.4 kilograms 344 pounds
Receiver weight: 55.34 kilograms 122 pounds
Feeder weight: 31.3 kilograms 69 pounds
Barrel weight: 69.4 kilograms 153 pounds
Caliber: 30×173 millimeter NATO
Modes of fire: single shot, full auto
Rate of fire (cyclic): 200 or 400 rounds per minute

GAU-23/A 30mm Autocannon

The GAU-23/A establishes the Bushmaster II cannon as an airborne weapon for gunship platforms. It shares common logistics, operation, and maintenance with the MK44.

AN/AWS-2 Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System

The AN/AWS-2 Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System (RAMICS) fires a special 30mm supercavitating projectile from a Bushmaster II gun to neutralize surface and near-surface mines. The system uses a gated electro-optic Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensor for target re-acquisition and a 30mm MK44 Bushmaster II gun for neutralization.