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M242 Bushmaster 25mm Chain Gun

The M242 Bushmaster is an electrically powered, chain driven, 20mm automatic weapon. It can destroy lightly armored vehicles and aerial targets such as helicopters and slow-flying aircraft. It can also suppress enemy positions such as troops in the open, dug-in positions, and built-up areas.
M242 Bushmaster 25mm Chain Gun Copyright © https://eastofeton.wordpress.com


Designed and manufactured by: Orbital ATK


Overall length: 267.21 centimeters 105.2 inches
Receiver length: 56.39 centimeters 22.2 inches
Feeder length: 71.63 centimeters 28.2 inches
Barrel length: 139.19 centimeters 54.8 inches
Height: 37.34 centimeters 14.7 inches
Width: 31.75 centimeters 12.5 inches
Overall weight: 119.7 kilograms 262.5 pounds
Receiver weight: 44 kilograms 97 pounds
Feeder weight: 26.54 kilograms 58.5 pounds
Barrel weight: 48.53 kilograms 107 pounds
Caliber: 25×137 millimeter NATO
Modes of fire: single shot, full auto
Rate of fire (cyclic): 200 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity (normal ammunition): 1 100 meters per second 3 610 feet per second
Muzzle velocity (APFSDS ammunition): 1 420 meters per second 4 660 feet per second