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Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station

The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) is a stabilized mount that contains a sensor suite and fire control software, allowing on-the-move target acquisition and first-burst target engagement. Capable of target engagement under day and night conditions, the CROWS sensor suite includes a daytime video camera, thermal camera, and laser rangefinder. It also features programmable target reference points for multiple locations, programmable sector surveillance scanning, automatic target ballistic lead, automatic target tracking, and programmable no-fire zones.


Manufacturer: Kongsberg Protech Systems

M151 Protector Remote Weapon Station

The M151 Protector is designed for small and medium caliber weapons, and can be installed on any type of platform. It is compatible with any available laser range finder.
M151 Protector Remote Weapon Station


Height (excluding weapon and ammunition): 749 millimeters 29.5 inches
Weight (excluding weapon and ammunition): 135 kilograms 298 pounds

M153 Protector Remote Weapon Station

The M153 Protector incorporates a high volume ammo can and add-on armor for improved sensor and servo protection. Its eye-safe laser range finder provides extremely accurate range measurements, providing the Protector first round on target capability.