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Mk-46 30mm Gun Weapon System

The Mk-46 GWS is a remotely operated naval gun system that uses a 30mm high velocity cannon, a forward looking infrared sensor, a low light television camera, and a laser rangefinder for shipboard self defense against small, high speed surface targets. The Mk-46 GWS includes the Mk-44 Mod.2 30mm cannon, a single barrel, open bolt, dual feed, electrically powered, chain driven automatic cannon. The gun can be operated locally at the gun turret or remotely at the Remote Operating Console in the Combat Information Center (LPD 17 class) or at the Mission Control Center (LCS class).
Mk-46 30mm Gun Weapon System


Manufacturer: Alliant Techsystems Inc. - Arlington, Virginia, USA


Caliber: 30 mm
Gun: Mk-44 Mod.2 30mm Bushmaster II
Rate of fire: 180 rounds per minute
Effective range: 4 020 meters (effective range can be extended with sub-caliber munitions) 4 400 yards (effective range can be extended with sub-caliber munitions)
Modes of fire: single shot, five-round burst, fully automatic
Magazine capacity: 400 rounds (dual feed, 200 rounds per side)