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Mk-60 Missile Launcher

The Mk-60 is a surface-to-surface missile system installed for ship self-defense to counter small boat threats. The Mk-60 Griffin Missile System consists of the following system components: MK 4 Battle Management System (BMS), MK 208 Griffin Launcher Module, AN/SSQ-133 BRITE Star II EO/IR, LRF and LD sensor and the BGM-176B Griffin B all-up-round (AUR).
Mk-60 Missile Launcher


Griffin B missile: Raytheon Missile Systems - Tucson, Arizona, USA
BRITE Star II: FLIR Systems Inc.
MK 4 Battle Management System: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
MK 208 Griffin Launcher Module: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division


Caliber: 127 millimeters 5 inches
Effective range: ~3 nautical miles (5.56 kilometers) (3.45 miles)
Types of fire: single launch, multiple salvo
Guidance system: semi-active lock


2013 - Date deployed