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M134 7.62mm Minigun

The M134 7.62mm minigun was designed to provide a lightweight high rate of fire armament package for use on helicopters and light fixed-wing aircraft. It is an electrically driven, 6 barreled, rotary action weapon. The basic M61 Vulcan has been simplified and redesigned to fire percussion primed 7.62mm ammunition.

M134 7.62mm Minigun Copyright © Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Dustin Q. Diaz, U.S. Navy



Designed and manufactured by: General Electric
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Armament Systems
Manufacturer: Dillon Aero
Components manufactured by: McNally Industries - Grantsburg, Wisconsin, USA


Barrel length: 55.5 centimeters 21.85 inches
Overall length: 80 centimeters 31.50 inches
Empty weight: 15.9 kilograms 35.5 pounds
Caliber: 7.62×51 millimeter NATO
Rate of fire: 6 000 rounds per minute
Range: 1 000 meters 3 280 feet
Action: electrically-driven
Feed: linked belt-fed (4 000 rounds of ammunition)
Muzzle velocity: 868.68 meters per second 2 850 feet per second


The M134G is an upgraded version of the original M134 minigun. It features numerous improvements that make the system more usable on the 21st century battlefield.


Manufacturer: Garwood Industries - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


  • Drive Motor: the improvements allow the motor to be lighter and extend the service life at the same time.
  • Fire Control Unit: the upgraded fire control unit has state-of-the-art electronics.
  • Feeder/Delinker: it has an upgraded cartridge handoff system and has been finished with a new high-performance coating that will increase longevity and enhance operation in all environments.
  • Barrel Cluster Assembly: it has been re-engineered to both lighten the weapon system and improve its performance. The newly designed flash suppressor completely eliminates the blinding flash that was a constant problem with older systems.
  • Bolts: the material and coatings used in the M134G greatly improve the longevity of the system.
  • Grip Assembly: the M134G spade grip assembly is integral with the receiver through a new proprietary mounting lug. The new mounting area greatly improves the rigidity of the system.
  • Rail System: the upgraded model incorporates a rail system that allows the mounting of several accessories. These accessories include scopes, electronic sights, lasers and spot lights.


Barrel length: 55.88 centimeters 22 inches
Height: 24.38 centimeters 9.6 inches
Width: 30.48 centimeters 12 inches
Weight (gun): 15.42 kilograms 34 pounds
Weight (total system): 28.12 kilograms 62 pounds
Caliber: 7.62×51 millimeter NATO
Mode of fire: full auto only
Rate of fire: 3 000, 3 200 or 4 000 rounds per minute
Range: 1 000 meters 3 280 feet
Acceleration time: 0.50 seconds
Deceleration time: 0.40 seconds
Action: electrically-driven
Feed: linked belt-fed