Towed Weapon

M198 Howitzer

The M198 155mm howitzer is a towed field artillery piece of a split trail carriage design. It is equipped with a double baffle muzzle brake and a variable length hydropneumatic recoil mechanism. The M198 is capable of providing fire support in both indirect and direct fire capacities. It is air-transportable by C-5 or C-17 aircraft, and can be slung externally by CH-47 or CH-53E heavy lift helicopters, however it is not compatible with the V-22 Osprey.

M777 Lightweight Howitzer

The M777 Lightweight Howitzer provides timely, accurate and continuous firepower in support of Marine and Army infantry forces. It is a much smaller, lighter and more maneuverable towed cannon weapon than the M198 Howitzer, resulting in improved transportability and mobility without impacting range or accuracy. It is also highly deployable, able to be lifted externally by the MV-22 Osprey, the CH-53E Super Stallion or a single CH-47 Chinook.

M119 Howitzer

The M119 is a lightweight, air-mobile, air droppable (by parachute) howitzer. It provides direct and indirect fire support to highly mobile light infantry divisions and separate brigades. The howitzer can be quickly moved and employed to provide maximum fire power with a minimum of combat loaded weight. The M119 is air transportable with its basic load of ammunition by the UH60 helicopter and is dual lift capable with the CH47 Chinook.

M120 Towed Heavy Field Mortar

The M120 Towed Heavy Field Mortar is based on the Israeli Soltam K6 120mm mortar system. Due to its size and weight, the weapon is transported via the M1100 series trailer into action. It is able to fire high-explosive, illumination, precision, smoke and practice rounds.