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M104 Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge

The M104 Wolverine is an armored vehicle designed to carry, emplace, and retrieve an assault bridge capable of supporting 70 ton loads such as the M1A2 main battle tank. It is a combat support system which integrates advanced bridging, hydraulic and electronic control capabilities into a single survivable system. The Wolverine fills the need for a combat gap crossing capability with the same mobility, survivability, and transportability as the M1 Abrams tank.


In limited service


Manufactured by: General Dynamics Land Systems


2 Combat Engineers


Length (with bridge): 13.4 meters 43.96 feet
Width (with bridge): 3.48 meters 11.42 feet
Height (with bridge): 3.96 meters 13 feet
Maximum trench crossing: 2.69 meters 8.83 feet
Ground clearance: 0.48 meters 19 inches
Vertical obstacle: 0.93 meters 3.6 feet
Weight (with bridge): 63.32 metric tons 69.8 short tons
Power plant: one Honeywell AGT-1500 gas turbine engine
Performance: 1 500 horsepower
Maximum speed: ~72 kilometers per hour 45 miles per hour
Cruise range: ~418 kilometers 260 miles
Bridge length: 26 meters 85.3 feet
Bridge gap crossing length: 24 meters 78.74 feet
Bridge crossing speed: 13-16 kilometers per hour 8-10 miles per hour
Bridge mission load class: 63.5 metric tons 70 short tons
Bridge durability: 5 000 MLC70 crossings
Bridge launch time: less than 5 minutes
Bridge recovery time: 10 minutes (5 minutes to engage, 5 minutes to store in travel mode)