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M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicle

The M88A2 Hercules is a fully-tracked, steel-armored recovery vehicle that performs hoisting, winching, and towing operations for today’s heaviest combat systems. It is equipped to assist in the repair of disabled vehicles under general field conditions and to recover vehicles under hostile fire.
M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicle Copyright © BAE Systems


In active service


Designed by: Bowen McLaughlin York BMY merged with FMC in 1964 to form United Defense, which was acquired by BAE Systems Land and Armaments
Manufactured by: BAE Systems


1 Driver
1 Commander
1 Mechanic


Length: 8.59 meters 28.17 feet
Width: 3.66 meters 12 feet
Height: 3.15 meters 10.33 feet
Maximum trench crossing: 2.62 meters 8.58 feet
Ground clearance: 0.41 meters 16 inches
Gross weight: ~63 503 kilograms 140 000 pounds
Power plant: one JP-8 Tuned engine
Performance: 1 050 horsepower (at 2 400 rpm)
Fuel capactiy: ~1 514 liters 400 gallons
Speed: ~42-48 kilometers per hour 26-30 miles per hour
Cruise range: 483 kilometers ~300 miles
Fording depth without kit: 1.42 meters 56 inches
Fording depth with kit: 2.59 meters 102 inches
Boom capacity: 31.75 metric tons 35 tons
Main winch capacity: 63.5 metric tons 70 tons
Auxiliary winch capacity: 2.72 metric tons 3 tons