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Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

The EFV (Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle) is a cancelled development aimed at replacing the AAV-7A1 as the Marine Corps’ primary combat vehicle for transporting troops on land and from ship to shore. In addition to its higher land and water speeds, the revised EFV had sufficient ballistic protection to defeat rounds up to 14.5mm or fragments from 155mm artillery shells. It also had improved mine-blast protection and a nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) defense system. This combination of features alone would have provided enhanced survivability compared to the Amphibious Assault Vehicle.
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Copyright © U.S. Marine Corps




Manufactured by: General Dynamics Land Systems


1 Driver
1 Commander
1 Gunner


17 combat equipped troops

Weapon systems

Main gun
Mk44 Bushmaster II Automatic Cannon (150 rounds ready, 400 rounds stowed)
Coaxial mount
M240 Medium Machine Gun (800 rounds ready, 1600 rounds stowed)


Length: 9.78 meters 32.1 feet
Width: 3.66 meters 12 feet
Height: 3.19 meters 10.46 feet
Maximum trench crossing: 2.44 meters 8 feet
Ground clearance: 0.41 meters 16 inches
Combat weight: ~33 793 kilograms 74 500 pounds
Power plant: one MTU MT883; 4 Cycle, 12 Cylinder, 90° Vee, Turbocharged diesel
Maximum speed on land: ~72 kilometers per hour 45 miles per hour
Maximum speed on water: 25 knots (46 kilometers per hour) (~29 miles per hour)
Cruise range on land: ~483 kilometers 300 miles
Cruise range on water: ~105 kilometers 65 miles