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M113 Armored Personnel Carrier Chassis

The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier helped to revolutionize mobile military operations. The M113 family includes approximately 12 variants of vehicles used in a variety of combat and combat support roles. These variants include the original armored personnel carrier, smoke generators, mortar carriers, medical evacuation vehicles, mobile command posts, etc.


Designed and manufactured by: FMC
Manufactured by: United Defense Limited Partnership FMC created United Defense in 1964


1961 - Introduction of the M113
1964 - Introduction of the M113A1
1979 - Introduction of the M113A2
1987 - Introduction of the M113A3

M113A3 Armored Personnel Carrier

The M113A3 is a lightly armoured, full tracked, air transportable personnel carrier designed to carry personnel and certain types of cargo. The vehicle is capable of amphibious operations in streams and lakes, as well as extended cross country travel over rough terrain and high speed operation on improved roads and highways.
M113A3 Armored Personnel Carrier Copyright © Staff Sgt. Pablo N. Piedra, U.S. Army


In active service


1 Driver
1 Commander


11 passengers

Weapon systems

Cupola mount
M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun (2000 rounds)


Length: 5.3 meters 17.38 feet
Width: 2.69 meters 8.81 feet
Height: 2.52 meters 8.27 feet
Maximum trench crossing: 1.68 meters 5.5 feet
Ground clearance: 43.4 centimeters 17.1 inches
Vertical obstacle: 0.61 meters 2 feet
Combat weight: ~12 338 kilograms 27 200 pounds
Power plant: one General Motors 6V53T; 6 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee, turbosupercharged diesel engine
Performance: 275 horsepower (at 2 800 rpm)
Fuel capacity: ~360 liters 95 gallons
Maximum speed on land: ~64 kilometers per hour