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Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle

The Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle is essentially a buggy. It combines low weight, high speed and good cross-country mobility. The vehicle has a high-strength tubular frame with a roll cage. They are used for hit-and-run style raids and scouting missions. The ALSV can be carried internally in CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters. Three of these vehicles can be carried by the C-130 Hercules tactical cargo aircraft. They can also be paradropped.
Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle


In active service


Manufactured by: Chenowth Racing Products Inc.


1 Driver
1 Gunner/Vehicle Commander (positioned at the rear of the vehicle)
1 Assistant Gunner (seated at the front)


698,53 kilograms of payload 1 540 pounds of payload


Length: 4 meters 13.12 feet
Width: 2.11 meters 6.92 feet
Height: 2 meters 6.56 feet
Maximum trench crossing: ~30 centimeters 1 foot
Vertical obstacle: ~30 centimeters 1 foot
Curb weight: ~960 kilograms 2 116 pounds
Power plant: one 2.16-liter air-cooled petrol engine
Performance: 125 horsepower
Maximum speed on road: ~97 kilometers per hour 60 miles per hour
Cruise range: ~499 kilometers 310 miles
Fording depth: ~49 centimeters 1.6 feet