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Whidbey Island Class Dock Landing Ship

Dock Landing Ships support amphibious operations including landings via Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), conventional landing craft and helicopters, onto hostile shores. These ships transport and launch amphibious craft and vehicles with their crews and embarked personnel in amphibious assault operations. The mission of the Whidbey Island Class Dock Landing Ships is to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea, worldwide, in support of national policy. The class introduced updated communications, combat systems, 20 and 60 ton cranes, expanded repair shops, two helicopter landing spots, complete medical and dental facilities and a fully automated computer-based logistic support.
Whidbey Island Class Dock Landing Ship Copyright © Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jerome D. Johnson, U.S. Navy


In active service


Builder: Lockheed Shipbuilding Company LSD 41-43
Builder: Avondale Industries - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA LSD 44-48


22 Officers
391 Enlisted Personnel


Marine detachment
402 Marines (plus 102 surge)
Vehicles / landing craft
4 x Landing Craft Air Cushion
- OR -
2 x Landing Craft Utility 1646 Class
- OR -
36 x Amphibious Assault Vehicle


Length: 185.62 meters 609 feet
Beam: 25.6 meters 84 feet
Draft: 5.94 meters 19.5 feet
Displacement: 16 194.77 metric tons (at full load) 15 939 long tons (at full load)
Propulsion: four Colt Industries, 16 Cylinder Diesels, two shafts
Performance: 33 000 shaft horsepower
Speed: 20+ knots (37+ kilometers per hour) (23+ miles per hour)
Range: 8 000 nautical miles (~14 800 kilometers (at 20 knots)) (~9 200 miles (at 20 knots))
Endurance: 75 days

Ship list

Hull number Ship name Commissioned Decommissioned Status
LSD 41 USS Whidbey Island 1985-02-09 - In active service
LSD 42 USS Germantown 1986-02-01 - In active service
LSD 43 USS Fort McHenry 1987-07-24 - In active service
LSD 44 USS Gunston Hall 1989-02-24 - In active service
LSD 45 USS Comstock 1990-01-12 - In active service
LSD 46 USS Tortuga 1990-07-07 - In active service
LSD 47 USS Rushmore 1991-04-26 - In active service
LSD 48 USS Ashland 1992-03-12 - In active service