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E-8C Joint STARS

The E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or Joint STARS, is an airborne battle management, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform. Its primary mission is to provide theater ground and air commanders with ground surveillance to support attack operations and targeting that contributes to the delay, disruption and destruction of enemy forces.
E-8C Joint STARS Copyright © U.S. Air Force


In active service


Primary contractor: Northrop Grumman


Flight Crew
2 Pilots
1 Navigator
1 Flight Engineer
Mission Crew
15 Air Force Specialists (mission crew size varies according to mission)
3 Army Specialists (mission crew size varies according to mission)


Length: 46.61 meters 152.92 feet
Wingspan: 44.42 meters 145.75 feet
Height: 12.95 meters 42.5 feet
Weight: ~77 560 kilograms 171 000 pounds
Maximum takeoff weight: ~152 410 kilograms 336 000 pounds
Fuel capacity: ~70 310 kilograms 155 000 pounds
Power plant: four Pratt and Whitney TF33-102C turbofan engines
Thrust: ~8 709 kilograms (each engine) 19 200 pounds (each engine)
Optimum cruise speed: 390-510 knots - Mach 0.52-0.65 (~722-945 kilometers per hour) (~449-587 miles per hour)
Ceiling: ~12 800 meters 42 000 feet
Endurance: 9 hours