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Light Armored Vehicle

The Light Armored Vehicle family is an 8x8 wheel, diesel-powered, lightly-armored vehicle platform that combines speed, mobility and firepower to fulfill a variety of missions for the U.S. Marine Corps. These vehicles are all-terrain, all-weather vehicles with night capabilities. They are air transportable via C-130, C-141, C-5 and CH-53E. The vehicles are fully amphibious with a maximum of 3 minutes preparation.


Manufactured by: General Dynamics Land Systems

Light Armored Vehicle - 25

The LAV-25 is the troop carrying variant of the LAV family. It is equipped with a 25mm cannon, as well as a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.
Light Armored Vehicle - 25 Copyright © Cpl. Robert C. Medina, U.S. Marine Corps


In active service


1 Driver
1 Commander
1 Gunner


6 passengers

Weapon systems

Main gun
M242 Bushmaster 25mm Chain Gun (210 rounds ready, 420 rounds stowed)
Coaxial mount
M240G  Medium Machine Gun (1600 rounds)
Turret pintle mount
M60 7.62mm Machine Gun (1600 rounds)
- OR -
M240G  Medium Machine Gun (1600 rounds)


Length: 6.42 meters 21.5 feet
Width: 2.5 meters 8.2 feet
Height (over turret): 2.56 meters 8.41 feet
Maximum trench crossing: 1.74 meters 5.7 feet
Ground clearance: 0.38 meters 1.24 feet
Vertical obstacle: 0.5 meters 19.7 inches
Combat weight: ~12 882 kilograms 28 400 pounds
Power plant: one General Motors 6V53T; 6 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee, supercharged diesel engine
Performance: 275 horsepower (at 2 800 rpm)
Fuel capacity: ~269 liters 71 gallons
Maximum speed on road: ~100 kilometers per hour 62 miles per hour
Maximum speed on water: ~10 kilometers per hour 6.5 miles per hour
Cruise range: ~644 kilometers (on road) ~400 miles (on road)
Minimum turning diameter: 15.48 meters 50.8 feet
Fording depth: floats

Light Armored Vehicle - Anti-Tank

The LAV-AT provides mobile, armored, accurate and destructive fire against heavily armored targets and fixed fortifications. With its mobility, it can keep pace with its applicable assigned military unit to provide highly mobile, protected anti-armor fire support to light infantry and reconnaissance forces, and to provide a capability to defeat heavy, armored targets at long ranges. The vehicle can be used in both the defensive and offensive roles.