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M120 Towed Heavy Field Mortar

The M120 Towed Heavy Field Mortar is based on the Israeli Soltam K6 120mm mortar system. Due to its size and weight, the weapon is transported via the M1100 series trailer into action. It is able to fire high-explosive, illumination, precision, smoke and practice rounds.


Manufactured by: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

The M120 Mortar System consists of the following major components

  • M298 Cannon Assembly
  • M190 Bipod Assembly
  • M9 Baseplate
  • M1100 Trailer


5 Operating Crew

Weapon systems

120mm Barrel
» 120mm Mortar Round


Overall length: 175.26 centimeters 69 inches
Overall weight (in firing position): 149.69 kilograms 330 pounds
Overall weight (with trailer): 324.77 kilograms 716 pounds
Caliber: 120 millimeters 4.72 inches
Minimum range: 200 meters 656.17 feet
Maximum range: 7 200 meters 4.47 miles
Elevation range: 710-1 510 mils
Traversing range: 316 mils max right or left
Rate of fire (sustained): 4 rounds per minute
Rate of fire (maximum): 16 rounds per minute (first minute only)


1991 - Date deployed