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M119 Howitzer

The M119 is a lightweight, air-mobile, air droppable (by parachute) howitzer. It provides direct and indirect fire support to highly mobile light infantry divisions and separate brigades. The howitzer can be quickly moved and employed to provide maximum fire power with a minimum of combat loaded weight. The M119 is air transportable with its basic load of ammunition by the UH60 helicopter and is dual lift capable with the CH47 Chinook.

M119 Howitzer Copyright © U.S. Army


In active service


Manufactured by: Rock Island Arsenal


  • M119: Base Production Model
  • M119A1: Improved M119 with Block I update. The upgrade includes:
    • new low-temp recuperator
    • increased low-temp capability
    • increased brake diameter
    • improved repair functions
    • revised trail access cover
    • battery computer system
  • M119A2: Improved M119A1 with Block II update. The upgrade includes:
    • improved sighting package
    • revised elevation gearbox
    • sans radioactive Tritium in fire control system
    • new buffer with revised seals
    • simplified monitoring hardware
    • rollbar for air drop protection
  • M119A3: the M119A3 is equipped with a digital fire control system that includes an inertial navigation unit, guided-precision system technology and other features that will give the weapon the ability to determine its precise geographical location on its own.


5-7 Operating Crew

Weapon systems

105mm Barrel
» 105mm Round


Length (folded position): 4.88 meters 16 feet
Length (with tube in firing position): 6.32 meters 20.75 feet
Length (with tube locked in tube clamp): 6.15 meters 20.17 feet
Width: 1.78 meters 5.83 feet
Height (folded position): 1.37 meters 4.5 feet
Height (with cannon tube locked in tube clamp): 2.21 meters 7.25 feet
Weight: ~2 050 kilograms 4 519 pounds
Rate of fire (maximum): 6 rounds per minute (for 2 minutes)
Rate of fire (sustained): 3 rounds per minute (for 30 minutes)