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Buffalo Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

The Buffalo is the only Category III MRAP currently fielded by the U.S. armed forces. It is used for mine/IED clearance operations and explosive ordnance disposal. The vehicle is equipped with a single aft mounted access door, as well as six roof-mounted hatches in the passenger compartment. It is equipped with a hydraulically-powered articulated "claw" operated remotely from within the vehicle, which can be used to dig, extract, and remove objects in the soil without exposing the vehicle’s crew. The Buffalo is air transportable by the C-17 or the C-5A.

Buffalo Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Copyright © U.S. Army


In active service


Designed by: Force Protection Inc. Acquired by General Dynamics Land Systems
Manufactured by: General Dynamics Land Systems


The Buffalo MRAP is based on the South African Casspir, however, the Buffalo is six-wheeled. It does not have any side doors for the drivers, access is provided only at the rear with a door and a ladder to climb in. There are six roof hatches on the vehicle.

The Buffalo, just like the Cougar, has a V-shaped hull, that directs the force of the blast away from the occupants. It can withstand a blast of 21 kilograms of TNT equivalent under any wheel or 14 kilograms anywhere under the hull. It also features all-round protection against 7.62mm NATO rounds. Additional protection against rocket-propelled grenades is achieved by fitting the vehicle with an additional cage armor.

For its main mission of explosive ordnance disposal, the vehicle uses a large, articulated, hydraulically operated robotic arm. The arm is fitted with a day/night camera, making the crew able to handle suspicious items from a distance. It is used to probe, remove items, or even to place destruction charges near possible IEDs or landmines.


1 Driver
1 Co-Driver


4 combat engineers
10 205,84 kilograms of payload 22 500 pounds of payload


Length: 8.74 meters 28.67 feet
Width: 2.84 meters 9.33 feet
Height: 3.81 meters 12.5 feet
Ground clearance (front): 38.1 centimeters 1.25 feet
Ground clearance (T-Case cover): 58.4 centimeters 1.92 feet
Ground clearance (rear): 30.5 centimeters 1 feet
Curb weight (with Bar Armor): ~24 267 kilograms 53 500 pounds
Combat weight: ~25 855 kilograms 57 000 pounds
Gross vehicle weight: ~29 937 kilograms 66 000 pounds
Power plant: one Caterpillar C13 12.5 liter Diesel engine
Performance: 440 horsepower (at 1 800 RPM)
Fuel capacity: ~322 liters 85 gallons
Maximum speed: ~97 kilometers per hour 60 miles per hour
Cruise range: ~483 kilometers 300 miles
Fording depth (unprepared): 101.6 centimeters 3.33 feet
Acceleration (0 - 30 miles per hour): 15 seconds (0 - 48 kilometers per hour)
Acceleration (0 - 60 miles per hour): 74 seconds (0 - 97 kilometers per hour)