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Mk 50 Torpedo

The Mk 50 is a lightweigh torpedo developed to counter the the most advanced Soviet-era submarines that were both more quiet and diving deeper than previous generations. It is a very expensive lightweight torpedo that is both very vast and able to dive very deep. Due to the complex design the development took much longer than anticipated and due to the cost only a limited number was produced. Its conventional layout is very similar to the older Mk 46 that served as the basis for the Mk 50 design.
Mk 50 Torpedo Copyright © Photographer's Mate 1st Class Brien Aho, U.S. Navy


In active service


Contractor: Alliant Techsystems Inc.
Contractor: Westinghouse
Original contractor: Honeywell


Length: 2.88 meters 9.45 feet
Diameter: 324 millimeters 12.75 inches
Weight: 337 kilograms 743 pounds
Warhead weight: approximately 45 kilograms approximately 100 pounds
Speed: 50 knots (92.6 kilometers per hour) (57.5 miles per hour)
Range: 15 kilometers 9.32 miles
Minimum depth: 40 meters 131 feet
Maximum depth: 600 meters 1 970 feet
Propulsion: Twin propeller pump jet propulsor
Guidance: Active/passive acoustic seeker
Power supply: Piston / stored chemical energy propulsion system
Warhead: Shaped charge


1972 - Development began
October 1992 - Authorized for Fleet use